Education & Strategies for Empowering New Mothers

Feel more equipped for the motherhood journey, armed with a personalized plan to proactively navigate all the new motherhood feelings.
Dr. Jill Garrett, the founder of Motherhood Feels, is a licensed psychologist with expertise and specialization in perinatal mental health.

With over a decade of clinical experience and leadership in this field, Dr. Garrett is well equipped to support all your Motherhood Feels.

PMADs are categorized as any emotional challenge that occurs in the pregnancy or postpartum period.

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder
  • Panic Disorder
  • Psychosis
  • Bipolar Disorder
  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
  • Adjustment Challenges

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Source: Policy Center for Maternal Mental Health 

We are in the midst of a mental health crisis for new and expectant moms.

Motherhood Feels is here for you.

Maternal Mental Health Conditions

PMADs are the most common complications of pregnancy & childbirth.



Gain knowledge about maternal mental health.

Evidence-based skills

Acquire evidence-based skills specific to the pregnancy + postpartum period.

Personalized plan

Create an individualized Motherhood Feels Support List and Plan.


Access reputable resources for further support.

Motherhood Feels Online Course

Before Baby Boot Camp will empower you with education on perinatal mental health, enhance your emotional awareness, and offer you concrete evidence-based coping skills for coping in pregnancy and the postpartum period.

This Course Includes:

  • Pre & Post Boot Camp Assessments
  • 40+ short videos with evidence-based skills for coping in pregnancy and the postpartum period.
  • Personalized Motherhood Feels Plan
  • 30 page Motherhood Feels: Before Baby Boot Camp Workbook
  • Comprehensive Resource List
$49.99 USD
Online + Pre-recorded

Instant access to strategies that work.

Companion App

Smart strategies through your smart phone.


Take your time; go at your own pace. 

Brief Videos
with Captions

No attention span? No problem! 


Our workbook keeps you on track.


Evidence-based content; research-supported strategies.

Motherhood Feels Corporate Programs

Empowering employees around their most important delivery so they can deliver for you.

Untreated PMADs lead to financial consequences for both employees and employers.







Percentage of Mothers in the workforce

Annual cost of untreated mental health conditions

Untreated PMADs results in productivity loss

Source: So O’Neil et al., The High Costs of Maternal Morbidity Show Why We Need Greater Investment in Maternal Health(Commonwealth Fund, Nov. 2021).


Instant and easy access through online platforms


 Offered as an employee benefit

Attention Span

Brief, self-paced, and pre-recorded videos


A format that affords privacy


Specialized care for a special population

We are ready to help you start tackling this crisis.

Assess the Impact

Around 20% of employees who utilize maternity leave will experience a PMAD. 

Connect with Motherhood Feels 

Connect with us to preview the program.

Customize the program to your business

Collaborate with us to personalize the program for your team.

Support your team

Show your team you are ready to do more for moms and families.

Empowered Clients

This is a must for any new or expectant mom.

Dani C, working mom of 3

Listening to Dr. Jill’s podcast is like the warm hug we moms need. Keep up the good work Dr. Jill. 10/10.

Ashli, mom of 2

I found the Boot Camp to be super empowering! I really liked how Dr. Jill broke my postpartum goals into digestible, simple steps. She gave me self-care tools I’ll be using the rest of my life!

Alaina B, working mom of 4

Hindsight is 20/20

A Motherhood Feels Podcast

Dr. Garrett engages with seasoned parents on their parenthood reflections to learn what they wish they had known ahead of parent life and how, in hindsight, they would have supported their “motherhood + fatherhood feels” differently.

M is for Mom

A Motherhood Feels Book

An excellent coping strategy is reading kids’ books with reputable mental health content. M is for Mom introduces healthy mental health coping skills in a rhyming storybook format for more Motherhood Feels support.

D is for Dad

A Fatherhood Feels Book

Available Now

Frequent Questions

PMAD = perinatal mood and anxiety disorder. Basically, it's any emotional challenge that occurs in the period of pregnancy or the year of so after having a baby. Depression, Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Panic Disorder, Bipolar Disorder, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, Psychosis. If any of these occur during pregnancy or postpartum = PMAD.

You are not alone! I promise. PMADs are super-common. They do not feel good.  But, there are a lot of good things you can do to help yourself feel better.

Check out Motherhood Feels: Before Baby Boot Camp for education, evidence-based coping strategies for pregnancy and postpartum, and more.

Motherhood Feels is excited to introduce an online, pre-recorded program to help offset some of your barriers.

Motherhood Feels: Before Baby Boot Camp offers you instant access to evidence-based strategies for healthy coping in pregnancy and the postpartum period.

Typical psychotherapy sessions that are not covered by insurance can costs hundreds of dollars an hour. If you are able to secure an appointment with a provider through insurance, you'll likely have co-pays. Before Baby Boot Camp offsets these barriers with a cost that you can manage. 

If you need immediate support, please contact this 24/7 resource

National Suicide Prevention Hotline and Website

Dial 988

Check out our Free Resource section to get helpful information, links and videos.

No time, no problem. Start slowly and check out some of the brief videos here or on the Motherhood Feels YouTube channel. If you find it valuable, circle back around! And remember, taking care of you is a necessity, not a luxury. 

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