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Show Your Team You Are Ready To Support Mothers and Families

Motherhood Feels Delivers

Reduce risk of extended leave

Proactive and active healthy coping can reduce risk of extended leave, disability, & overall financial loss to your work force.

Challenge stigma

Normalize the prioritization of emotional health for your employees, community, & work culture.

Boost employee health

Support employee health to bolster job satisfaction, engagement, retention, & performance.

Follow the evidence

Research tells us that a happy and healthy workforce improves the “bottom line.”

$4.7 billion is lost annually due to reduced productivity from untreated maternal mental health conditions

Source: So O’Neil et al., The High Costs of Maternal Morbidity Show Why We Need Greater Investment in Maternal Health(Commonwealth Fund, Nov. 2021).

M is for Mom

A Motherhood Feels Book

 M is for Mom is an attractive storybook that will stand-out to moms in the sea of hospital discharge paperwork they receive during a sleep-deprived and overwhelming time. Your team can be the first to shower new moms with healthy coping skills for managing the adjustment to motherhood in this rhyming, storybook format that is perfect for the challenged attention spans of multitasking moms! 

Moms and families will also receive safe sleep messaging and basics on newborn scheduling in an easy-to-digest format.

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We are ready to help you start tackling this crisis.

Assess the impact

Around 20% of employees who utilize maternity leave will experience a PMAD. 

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